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Career Coaching: Fundamentals, Applications, and Future Directions

Author/Editor: Heather N. Maietta

Year: 2022

This new monograph is an overview of the practice of career coaching. It covers a brief history of career coaching and a comparison to career counseling. Techniques, ethics, theories and models, and assessments are shared to increase knowledge and proficiency in delivering career coaching services to diverse clientele. Themes for the future of career coaching related to workforce demands are included, as well as a fully stocked appendix for use by coaches in practice.

Whether you are just starting as a career coach or looking to update your knowledge and skills as a seasoned professional, this publication will support and challenge you, offer ways to deliver coaching with purpose, help you navigate the coaching process with confidence, and equip you with a toolkit full of possibilities.

Author: Heather N. Maietta


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Table of Contents

Foreword by Lakeisha Mathews, NCDA President-Elect 2021-2022

Chapter 1: Career Coaching: An Introduction

Chapter 2: The Fundamentals of Career Coaching

Chapter 3: Theories and Models in Application

Chapter 4: Ethics in Career Coaching

Chapter 5: Assessment for Use in Career Coaching

Chapter 6: Career Coaching for Diverse Populations

Chapter 7: Group Career Coaching

Chapter 8: Growing Practice of Career Coaching and Future Directions


A: SAMPLE Powerful Coaching Questions

B: SAMPLE Intake Form

C: SAMPLE Informed Consent

D: SAMPLE Guided Imagery Exercise

E: National Career Development Association Code of Ethics

F: America Counseling Association Code of Ethics

G: International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics

H: SAMPLE Coaching Agreement

I: SAMPLE Lesson Plan

J: SAMPLE Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Questions and Prompts

K: SAMPLE Standard Behavioral Interview Questions

L: SAMPLE G.R.O.W. Coaching Model



About the Author

Dr. Heather N. Maietta is an Associate Program Chair and Associate Professor in the Higher Education Doctorate Program at Regis College. Heather’s research portfolio centers around adult learners, college to career transitions, and workforce readiness. She has researched, published, and presented widely on these topics. As a career coach who founded Career In Progress, Heather works with mid-career professionals interested in retooling and advancing in the workplace. A long-standing member of NCDA, Heather is a 2019 graduate of the Leadership Academy and has held positions as a former Training & Education Council Board Member and editor for the Higher Education section of the Career Developments Magazine. In 2015, Heather was awarded NCDA’s Career Practitioner of the Year award. Heather received her doctorate of Higher Education Leadership from Central Michigan University. She is a Board Certified Coach, a Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS), a Facilitating Career Developments instructor. She lives in Westford with her husband Bill, children, Emily and Jack, Dug the dog, and Teddy the cat. To see full bio and connect with Heather, visit or



Career assistance needs grow dramatically as public resources are flat at best. CACREP career graduate programs grow fewer. The boutique industry of career coaching seeks quality credentials to attract clients and attest to better outcomes. Like clients in a disrupted workplace ask “what’s next”, new and seasoned career specialists asked NCDA for a simple and clear navigation tool about the “career coaching” movement. NCDA delivered, and Heather Maietta’s Career Coaching is what my students, staff and trainees will use! Career Coaching: Fundamentals, Applications, and Future Directions is both a compass and telescope. Heather’s expert lens, deep lessons from history, sharp awareness of client needs, honest assessment of program trends, and clarity about interventions is what I’ve searched for and now found! Translating ever-expanding literature, and wide scan of futuristic tools and models, she’s created the most compact, easy-to-use roadmap about where career coaches are headed, what they can deliver, and how they can expand reach and impact. Far beyond the hype, her insights are priceless, and you’ll find the same value in applying this to your daily work.

Rich Feller Ph.D, LPC, JCTC, Professor and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar, Colorado State University, and Executive Director, Career Development Network and
JCTC Lead Trainer


Heather Maietta has created an essential overview of career coaching that will benefit new and experienced coaches alike. The well-rounded discussion of the profession, complete with an overview of key theories, tools, and considerations for practicing career coaching, fills a long-standing void of knowledge for aspiring and new career coaches. Of particular interest to this audience are the presentation of general coaching models, ethics discussion, practical samples, and guidance on selecting and interpreting assessments. Additionally, established coaches will appreciate the historical perspective on the evolution of career coaching within the larger vocational psychology, counseling, and career development fields along with the chapter on approaches to group career coaching. I would have loved to have found this resource when I was considering entering the field over 20 years ago!

Jessica Worny Janicki, MBA, PCC, CMCS, Owner, JWJ Consulting, LLC,
Chair-Elect, NCDA Credentialing Commission


Maietta, H. N. (2022). Career coaching: Fundamentals, applications, and future directions. National Career Development Association.


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