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Facilitating Career Development, Instructor Manual, 4th Edition

An Instructional Program for Career Services Providers and Other Career Development Providers

Author/Editor: A. Lisa Jordan, Janet N. Marinaccio

Publisher: NCDA
Year: 2017

The NCDA Facilitating Career Development Training is a 120-hour instructional program designed for individuals who assist others with career development. The training has value for both front-line personnel and program administrators in various settings who provide career development services.  The newest edition was not intended to be a major rewrite of the curriculum but, rather, a revision to the original nine chapters to bring them up to date. Typically, the revised chapter expands upon topics introduced in the original chapter. Links, activities, and other resources useful for students have been updated.  Additionally, revisions have been made to instructional resources to reflect changes in the content. The new edition has also incorporated instructor tips, learning activities, quizzes and resources in each chapter.  Instructors will find one feature particularly helpful in the new curriculum. Rather than having to flip back and forth between the instructor manual and a separate student manual, instructors will now be able to view the content of both in one document.  These formatting changes enhance planning and program delivery by allowing instructors to view both instructor and student manuals in a combination design/layout. 

PLEASE NOTE: Instructors using this curriculum must attend a NCDA-approved Instructor Training Workshop and must be listed on the NCDA Instructor Registry. For more information visit the website at or contact The Instructor’s Package contains one Instructor Manual, which includes all student materials and 5 new chapters not included previously.


Category: Career Development Theory and Models
Category: Individual/Group Counseling and Facilitation Skills
Category: Assessment
Category: Career Information Resources/Curriculum/Activities
Category: Program Planning/Promotion/Management/Implementation
Category: Specific Populations
Category: Ethical/Legal Issues
Category: Technology
Category: Career Planning and Job Seeking Resources
Work Settings: K-12
Work Settings: Post Secondary
Work Settings: Non-Profit
Work Settings: Government
Work Settings: Business and Industry
Work Settings: Independent/Private Practice

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