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Career Knowledge Series, Set of 8 E-Books

Career Knowledge Series

Publisher: NCDA
Year: 2015

NCDA’s Career Knowledge Series is designed for individuals wishing to understand career development. Titles in this series include:

• Providing Career Services to Multicultural Populations
• The Role of Career Information and Technological Resources in Career Planning
• Job Seeking and Employability Skills
• Designing and Implementing Career Services
• Developing a Helping Relationship
• Training and Leading Groups
• Career Development Theory and Its Application
• The Role of Assessment in Career Planning

Each title provides a thorough introduction and discussion for its specialized topic.

This is complete multi-book series which includes 8 titles focused on key career development competencies. Each book is between 30 and 80 pages and can be purchased independently or as a set. Continue shopping to view each one in the series.


Read more about the "Career Knowledge Series" in NCDA's web magazine, Career Convergence.

Each booklet (and the whole set) is also available in print!

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