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E-BOOK - Developing & Managing Career Resources

Author/Editor: Susan A. Epstein, MS and Janet G. Lenz, PhD

Year: 2008

Authors: Susan A. Epstein, MS and Janet G. Lenz, PhD 

What do career service centers look like without a strong career resource library? They would resemble a turtle without a shell or a football player without a helmet... you get the drift. Something would be missing! Susan Epstein and Janet Lenz have written an extraordinarily significant book. They provide readers with concrete answers to a real question: "How do we systematically manage career resources with the ever-increasing demands for information and the overabundant amount of information available on the Internet?" In this book, readers will also get a unique look "behind the scenes" in managing career resources, all the technical and practical issues. Innovative and clear ideas, as well as an unmatched level of expertise make this book a one-of-a-kind. Simply put, if you manage (or would like to manage) career resources, this book is a must! (2008 Monograph)

A review of this book can be found in the Career Convergence web magazine.

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Category: Career Information Resources/Curriculum/Activities
Category: Career Development Theory and Models
Category: Individual/Group Counseling and Facilitating Skills
Category: Assessment
Category: Coaching/Consultation/Performance Improvement
Category: Supervision


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