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E-BOOK- Designing and Implementing Career Programs: A Handbook for Effective Practice (1st ed.)

Author/Editor: James P. Sampson, Jr. PhD

Year: 2008

The purpose of this handbook is to stimulate discussion among senior managers, managers, practitioners, administrative staff, and stakeholders about the cost-effective design and delivery of career resources, service-delivery tools, and services for adolescents and adults in career centers and schools who have varying needs for assistance in making occupational, educational, training, and employment decisions. Monograph by James P. Sampson, Jr.,  Ph.D.

Topics include:

Career Services

  • Self-help, brief staff-assisted, individual case-managed, and distance delivery
  • Seven-step service delivery sequence
  • Four-step model for promoting effective use of assessment and information resources
  • Selecting, sequencing, and pacing the use of career resources

Service-Delivery Tools

  • Signage, maps, resource guides, diagnostic assessment, and individual learning plans

Career Resources

  • Career resource rooms, Internet Web sites, and information handouts

Program Evaluation Strategies
Five-step Model for Providing Accountability Data
Eight-step Implementation Model
Making Implementation a Success
Strategies for Adapting the Models Presented in the Handbook
Resources Available in the Appendices and Accompanying CD-ROM include:

  • Glossary of key terms
  • Staff training handout, "Key Elements in Designing and Implementing Career Resources and Services"
  • Template and example of a resource guide
  • Identifying potential career resources and services for resource guides
  • Resource guide worksheet
  • Individual learning plan
  • Example of a completed individual learning plan
  • Example of an information handout
  • Implementation checklist
  • Worksheet for managing implementation

PowerPoint presentations for staff training on the following topics are included: career services, service-delivery tools, career resources, evaluation and accountability, eight-step implementation model, and implementation success.

To view these PowerPoint presentations, visit the companion article in Career Convergence.

View Chapter 1 (PDF)

Designing and Implementing Career Programs - Table of Contents (PDF)

A book review is available online in NCDA's Career Convergence web magazine.



  • Assessment
  • Career Information Resources/Curriculum/Activities
  • Coaching/Consultation/Performance Improvement
  • Supervision
  • Ethical/Legal Issues
  • Research/Evaluation
  • Technology


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