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ONLINE COMPANION: A Comprehensive Guide to Career Assessment - Annual Subscription

Author/Editor: Kevin B. Stoltz and Susan R. Barclay

Publisher: NCDA
Year: 2019

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NCDA is proud to release a brand new online complement to the print book, A Comprehensive Guide to Career Assessment (7th ed). This website is a dynamic database of assessment reviews, which will offer new reviews regularly. Each review is supported by relevant literature sources and includes current test descriptions, quality markers, and ways to contact and access further information from assessment publishers or developers.

Over 20 reviews are online and cover traditional standardized assessment (quantitative), and semi-structured or interview processes (qualitative), as well as open source career assessments and a research category, to keep abreast of emerging concepts and constructs.

In line with the comprehensive goal of the book and online companion, the website includes 14 new chapters offering perspectives on career assessment from diverse cultures and settings:  Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa; K-12 schools; higher education; business and workforce development; private practice; research and evaluation; public policy and advocacy; and the integration of career and mental health counseling.

Cg7 LogoThis subscription serves as a companion to the foundational material released in the print book, although the two must be purchased separately. As seen in the print book, the foundational material on career assessment includes history, trends, test selection and administration, computerized assessment and multicultural issues. These six chapters appear only in the print book.

The intention of creating a worldwide resource for career assessment information and review is to benefit NCDA members and the profession, including counselors, researchers, graduate students, career practitioners, business and workforce personnel, student development specialists, independent practice, and more.

The editors, Drs. Kevin B. Stoltz and Susan R. Barclay, developed this multi-faceted resource as the quintessential source for career assessment now and in the future. With the incorporation of technology into this publication, NCDA can offer ongoing reviews and updates that will build a current accounting and a historical record of career assessment worldwide. This is truly a comprehensive work that will live up to its name, the NCDA name, and to our profession.

A Comprehensive Guide to Career Assessment online subscription

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