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A Comprehensive Guide to Career Assessment

7th Edition

Author/Editor: Kevin B. Stoltz and Susan R. Barclay

Publisher: NCDA
Year: 2019

NCDA is excited to release the re-imagined 7th edition of our influential guide to career assessment. Re-conceptualized and renamed to A Comprehensive Guide to Career Assessment, the Guide contains important information career counselors, educators and practitioners will find invaluable in learning about career assessment and selecting assessments specific to client needs. The Guide is a resource that connects to multiple service sectors and embraces global perspectives of career assessment.

The book begins with six newly updated chapters that provide foundational knowledge of career assessment. The next section includes more than two dozen peer reviews of assessments. The reviews are separated into four categories reconceptualized to reflect the emerging literature in career assessment. Those categories are quantitative, qualitative, research, and open source, which cover the traditional categories of assessment (e.g., interests, values, skills) while encompassing qualitative processes in assessment, research of processes and new instruments, and open-source (i.e., free) resources for practitioners.

Release of the concise, yet comprehensive, 7th edition is unique compared to former editions. In addition to the printed Guide, NCDA created a website that offers related content*. This online companion contains seven chapters regarding career assessment in specific work environments: K-12 schools; higher education; business and workforce development; private practice; research and evaluation; and public policy and advocacy. A final chapter in this online section, provides users with insight on the integration of career and mental health counseling. An additional online section provides perspectives of career assessment from diverse cultures and settings around the world. Finally, the website contains an expandable library of assessment reviews. Subscribers to the online companion will find this dynamic resource regularly updated with new reviews.

The editors, Drs. Kevin B. Stoltz and Susan R. Barclay, developed this multi-faceted resource as the quintessential source for career assessment now and in the future. With the incorporation of technology into this publication, NCDA can offer ongoing reviews and updates that will build a current accounting and a historical record of career assessment worldwide. This is truly a comprehensive work that will live up to its name, the NCDA name, and to our profession.


Cg7 Website Home Page* The online companion is a separate purchase that is now available in the Career Resource Store, under Subscriptions.


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Table of Contents

Structure of the Book

Part I – Foundations in Career Assessment – PRINT ONLY

1. History and Uses of Career Assessment – Mark Pope, Yang Ai, Courtney R. Boddie, Carol A. Miller

2. Career Assessment: Perspectives on Trends and Issues – Spencer Niles & Clayton V. Martin

3. Computer-Assisted Career Assessment – Debra S. Osborn, Darrin L. Carr, M. C. McClain, Ryan D. Sides, Jill A. Lumsden, & James P. Sampson

4. Multicultural Considerations in Career Assessment – Kerrie G. Wilkins-Yel, Y. Barry Chung, Jacks Cheng, & Yue Li

5. Selecting and Understanding Career Assessments – Kevin B. Stoltz, Stephanie Bell, & Laith G. Mazahreh

6. Test Administration, Interpretation, and Communication of Results – Nikki A. Falk, Alec Eshelman, & Patrick J. Rottinghaus

Part II – Applied Career Assessment – ONLINE ONLY - (requires a separate purchase)

7. Career Assessment in K-12 – Pamelia E. Brott

8. Career Assessment in Higher Education – Tracy M. Lara Hilton

9. Career Assessment in Human Resources and Workforce – Constance Pritchard & Wendie Wilson

10. Career Assessment in Private Practice – Rich Feller

11. Career Assessment in Research & Program Evaluation – Janet G. Lenz & V. Casey Dozier

12. Using Career Assessment in Public Policy Advocacy – Varunee Faii Sangganjanavanich

13. Integration of Career Assessment and Mental Health – Seth C. W. Hayden

Part III – Global Perspectives on Career Assessment - ONLINE ONLY - (requires a separate purchase)

14. Career Assessment in Asia – Marilyn E. Maze & Hyung Joon Yoon

15. Career Assessment in Australia – Peter McIlveen, Harsha Perera, & Ruth Wilcock

16. Career Assessment in Canada – Roberta Neault, Deirdre Pickerell, Cassie Taylor, & Mark Franklin

17. Career Assessment in Europe – Jérôme Rossier & Marina Fiori

18. Career Assessment in Latin America –

19. Career Assessment in the Middle East – Nimrod Levin & Itamar Gati

20. Career Assessment in South Africa – Maximus M. Sefotho & Boitumelo Diale

Part IV – Career Assessment Instrument Reviews – PRINT ONLY (unless otherwise noted)


Ability Explorer – Kathy M. Evans (Both Print and Online)
Ashland Interest Inventory – Darrin L. Carr, Pamela McCoy, & Alyssa West
ASVAB – Laith G. Mazahreh
California Psychological Inventory – Rebekah Reysen
Career Decision Self- Efficacy Scale – Joshua C. Watson (Both Print and Online)
Career Occupational Preferences System Interest Inventory (COPS) – Jenna Crabb
Career Thoughts Inventory – Brian M. Calhoun
Jackson Career Explorer – Justin R. Fields
Jackson Vocational Interest Inventory – Julie Aitken Schermer
Kuder Career Planning System – Melinda M. Gibbons & Charmayne R. Adams (Both Print and Online)
NEO-4 – Brian J. Taber
Occupational Aptitude Survey and Interest Schedule (OASIS-3) – Amanda G. Flora
Self- Directed Search – Chad Luke & Zach Budesa
Work Values Inventory – S. Autumn Collins


Career Construction Interview – Louis A. Busacca (Both Print and Online)
Career Genogram – Tina M. Anctil
Knowdell Card Sorts – Tanya M. Campos


Bendill-Icelandic Interest Inventory - Sif Einarsdóttir & James Rounds
Career Decision-making Difficulties Questionnaire – Itamar Gati & Viktoria Kulcsar
Career Distress Scale – Peter A. Creed & Michelle Hood
Career Resources Questionnaire – Simona Ingold, Madeleine Haenggli, & Andreas Hirschi
The Decisional Process Inventory – Paul J. Hartung
Personal Globe Inventory – Terence J. G. Tracey
Vocational Meaning Survey and Vocational Fulfillment Survey – Gary W. Peterson, John K. MacFarlane, & Debra Osborn


Open Source

Career Development Inventory – Debra Osborn, Michael Morgan, & Tiffany Brown
Career Maturity Inventory-Form C – Logan Vess
My Vocational Situation – Catherine Allen (Both Print and Online)


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