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(DVD) Inspiring Career Practitioners to Connect Theory and Practice

Author/Editor: Rich Feller, John Holland, Donald Super, John Krumboltz, Nancy Schlossberg, Sunny Hansen

Publisher: National Career Development Association
Year: 2009

This DVD contains video footage of some of the leading Career Development Theorists.  Included on this DVD is detailed information about John Holland's and Donald Super's theory. Footage of John Krumboltz, Nancy Schlossberg, and Sunny Hansen is also included. Each theorist discusses the core concepts of their theory as well as strengths of the theory and practical applications for practitioners. This DVD plays on a Windows platform.


Category: Career Development Theory and Models

DVD Contents

John Holland (Person-Environment Fit) - 18 Min.
1. Core concepts (3)
2. Holland's terms (6)
3. Strengths of theory (4)
4. How practitioners can use the theory (1.5)
5. How the theory can be applied (2)
6. Practical guidance (1.5)

Donald Super (Life Span) - 21 Min.
1. Core concepts (5)
2. Strengths of theory (4)
3. How practitioners can use the theory (9)
4. Dr. Super discusses his theory (3)

John Krumboltz (Happenstance) - 20 Min.
1. Central focus (1)
2. Strengths of theory (2)
3. Clients who benefit from the theory (1)
4. Guidance for practitioners (3)
5. Instrumental and associative theory (2)
6. Happenstance (10)

Nancy Schlossberg (Transition Theory) - 12 Min.
1. Core concepts (5)
2. Strengths of theory (4)
3. Guidance for practitioners (1.5)
4. Where the theory is most useful (1.5)

Sunny Hansen (Integrative Life Planning) - 19 Min.
1. Core concepts (5.5)
2. Strengths of theory (1.5)
3. Guidance for practitioners (6)
4. Role of spirituality (3)
5. Applications of theory (3)

Summary and Integration

Knowledge Check - 15 Questions



Category: Career Development  Theory and Models
Category: Counselor Educator
Work Setting: K-12
Work Setting: Post Secondary
Work Setting: Non-Profit
Work Setting: Government
Work Setting: Business and Industry
Work Setting: Independent/Private Practice

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