Kristen Garceau

Credentials: CCSP




I have facilitated the Career Development Facilitator training course for the National Career Development Association for many years. I am also known for practical approaches to career development working with workforce development clients, business partners, educators and K-16 students. I have discovered many ways to help all clients understand the career-development process and the employer’s perspective. My projects have included extensive development of career resources and materials for clients at Capital Area Michigan Works!, and a UAW/General Motors Partnership. Working to understand how to teach the process of self and option awareness linked with decision making and setting goals, I have developed career resources with educational clients at the Genesee Intermediate School District, the Ingham Intermediate School District, Michigan Occupational Information System (MOIS), and Michigan Virtual University. I currently am a career-readiness coordinator for the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency and an instructor at Kalamazoo Valley Community College teaching Career Decisions, First Year Experience and College Success Strategies courses. I hold a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction.

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