Keri Aaver, CCSP

Term: October 1, 2020 - September 30, 2023

As a training and career development specialist in workforce and higher education, Keri Aaver, has found her niche in building effective teams that can fast track jobseekers into sustainable employment. She does this by designing each of their roles based on their individual strengths and providing comprehensive career development training for success within their organizations.

Keri became an entrepreneur at a young age, starting and developing several successful domestic and international companies before following her lifelong passion for helping others to live their best lives through a focus on career-life planning.  Keri is currently the Director of Job Placement (aka Associate Director of Job Placement for Workforce Development) at College of the Canyons after 5 years of building the Santa Clarita America’s Job Center into a “center to watch” for best practices in the Los Angeles County Workforce Development area due to their high placement rates and effective operations.

In 2010, Keri switched from using exclusively “old school” methods of professional networking to incorporating LinkedIn and other online platforms to connect jobseekers to the employers that need them and has found that experience quite valuable for transforming her current Career Center team into an online powerhouse for serving students, alumni, community members, and the employers that need them. She trains new teams of employment specialists each year to empower their clients to gain employment “at the speed of LinkedIn” and is an avid user and contributor to the network.  In every role she takes on whether in the classroom, workforce agency, or career center, Keri actively shares her passion for helping all people to lead extraordinary strengths-based lives and is always up for a new challenge.


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