NCDA Board Accepts Joint Statement from ISSC, GCC, and DICI Committees

Dear NCDA members,

The National Career Development Association’s International Student Services (ISSC), Diversity Initiatives and Cultural Inclusion (DICI), and Global Connections Committees (GCC) are present to help promote the inclusiveness of diverse groups of individuals on our campuses and in our offices. Collectively, we recognize that many of our internal and external constituents may be impacted by recent changes that could affect their experience in the world-of-work. We stand together and strengthen our missions of maintaining welcoming and supportive environments for all.  It is important to come together to support each other.


The ISSC has and will continue to compile resources and best practices to help support professionals working with international students in the industry. We also welcome NCDA members to join our conversation on immigration and the sharing of resources and best practices designed to support this particular group with our committee on LinkedIn (NCDA: Working with International Students). At the same time, if you need any ideas for advising those students/clients with concerns or are interested in collaborating with individuals outside your institution/organization, we would be happy to act as a resource and/or sounding-board. The NCDA ISSC can be reached via email at iswg@ncda.org.


The Committee on Diversity Initiatives and Cultural Inclusion works to raise awareness and promote equity and access. We seek to create inclusivity where diversity is viewed from an intersectional perspective, acknowledging the ways in which race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, gender identity & expression, mental and physical (dis)ability, sexual orientation, religion, and other identity categories exist along axes of power, privilege, and oppression. The committee will continue to provide resources and training to educate and empower members regarding best practices related to diversity in career development practice and research and to serve as a hub for diversity conversations and initiatives. The committee chair, Dr. Yamonte Cooper, can be reached at ycooper@elcamino.edu.


The GCC unites counselors and practitioners globally through common interests in international policies and practices in career development. The committee actively promotes excellence in career development by developing and promoting diverse relationships that foster and grow the field around the world. The GCC also plays a role in recognizing leaders in the field globally through the granting of the International Career Practitioner Award, as well leading strategic initiatives representing issues of global career counseling practice worldwide through information dissemination and advocacy of the field. The GCC will continue to be a resource to our colleagues around the world and advocate on their behalf. The NCDA GCC committee Co-Chairs may be reached at vchapman@colgate.edu (Vera V. Chapman) and sa_fisher@laurentian.ca (Scott Fisher).


Kind regards,

The NCDA International Student Services Committee

The NCDA Diversity Initiatives and Cultural Inclusion Committee

The NCDA Global Connections Committee