2016 Graduate Student Poster Sessions

Date and Time To Be Determined


Just Do It: Utilizing an Athletic Success Coach for Student Athlete Career Success
Katie Maguire, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Career Needs of Nontraditional Community College Students: Influences of Mental Health-Psychological Well-Being
Jonique Childs, University of Iowa

The Experience of Specializing in Career Counseling within a Broader Counseling Community
Jessica Isenor, University of Ottawa 

Career Development Considerations of Asian LGBT College Students
Hansori Jang, University of Iowa

Utilizing Planned Happenstance Skills to Foster Studentss Life Satisfaction: Practical Implications from Research
Yuanying Jin, Korea University

Cultural Validity of Career Assessments for Asian Women
Sangmin Park, University of Iowa

Exploring the Professional Counselor Identity: Clinical Mental Health Students' Perspectives
Lawrence Richardson, Oklahoma State University

Back to Work: 6 Tips for Working with Refugees Entering the U.S. Workforce.
Jayna Longstreet, California State University, Sacramento

The Importance of Meaningful Work for Late Career Development
Noemi Nagy, University of Bern

The Effects Values Based Career Counseling Intervention has on Career Decision Making: A Quantitative Approach
Amy Thul-Sigler, Penn State University

Career Thoughts and Decision Making Among College Students with Disabilities: A Qualitative Analysis
Jina Chun, Michigan State University

Effectiveness of Career Navigation Course among Turkish University Students' Career Adaptability and Career Optimism
Dursun Didem Kepir Savoly, Hacettepe University

Career Counselors as Advocates for LGBTQ Students' Career Development
Lindsey Saxby, Mary Baldwin College