2016 Career Talks

#CT 113 Major in Happiness: Debunking the College Major Fallacies
Michael Edmondson, Augustana College

#CT 113 How Service Years Open Possibility
Anna Lenhart, Next Generation of Service

#CT 113 Schreiner GROW: Making Work-Study Jobs Meaningful
David Reast, Schreiner University


#CT 413 A Prosocial Theory of Meaningful Work
Blake Allan, Purdue University

#CT 413 The Career Development Transformation Mode: Best Practices to Help Clients Find Meaningful Work
Kelley Rose, NorthWest Arkansas Community College

#CT 413 What Would Aristotle Do? A Classically Practical Approach to Meaningful Careers
Michelle Tullier, Georgia Institute of Technology


#CT 513 365 Days of Networking: An Ultramarathon of Collecting Insights, Ideas, and Inspiration
Bill Baldus, Metropolitan State University; NA,

#CT 513 Want a New Career/life? Be Proactive and Be Yourself to Get that Job Successfully!
Tarek Hassan, TNH Consulting

#CT 513 Teach ICAN Actions in 5 Minutes Using 50 Words Yield Meaningful Internship, Career, Admissions and Networking Outcomes
Burt Nadler, Dream Careers Global Internship and Experiential Learning Programs


#CT 613 Transforming Youth Future Workforce: Instilling Hope
Raza Abbas, Pathway Global Career Institute

#CT 613 A Work in Progress: Job Readiness and Career Exploration for Teens
Roberta White, ITT Technical Institute

#CT 613 Igniting SPARKS
Dena Davis, ACTion Performance & Leadership