2016 Roundtable Sessions

#1-1 Capturing a Search for Meaning in Powerful Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles with Personality
Marie Zimenoff, Resume Writing Academy


#1-2 Meaningful Work and Well-being: The Auburn University Career Advantage Program for Men in Substance Recovery
Addye Buckley-Burnell and Shari Black, Auburn University


#1-3 Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) Decision-Making Theory
Kathryn Hilgenkamp, Capella University


#1-4 International Students' Enrollment and Persistence Motivation in U.S. Higher Education: Implications for Career Counseling
Dan Li and David K. Duys, The University of Iowa


#1-5 Play Hard, Work Better: The Importance of Play in Career Satisfaction and Personal Well Being
Lee Walker-Hirschbein, California State University, Chico


#1-5 Giving Students a Hand Off the Fence: Tips for Students Interested in Health Careers
Richard Fann, University of Pittsburgh


#1-7 Meeting Career Development Needs of International Students through Partnerships and Programming
Robin Hedges and Lisa Grisez-Shullick, Case Western Reserve University


#1-8 Holistic Career and Life-focused Approach to Helping Student Athletes Find Meaningful Work
Kathleen Mannheimer, Princeton University


#1-9 Integrating Career and Professional Development: Related Assignment in Classroom Instruction
Adrian Ramirez and Jody Burum, California State University, Fresno


#1-10 Using Career Genograms to Support Young Adult Development: A Grounded Theory
Cassandra Storlie, Tracy M. Lara Hilton and Robert McKinney, Kent State University


#1-11 Getting off the Ground: Developing a Viable Career Business
Constance J Pritchard, The Pritchard Group; Mary Ila Ward, Horizon Point Consulting, Inc.


#1-12 Career Development for Youth with Disabilities in South Korea: The Intersection of Culture, Theory and Policy
Jina Chun, Jinhee Park, Annemarie Connor, Trenton Landon, and John Kosciulek, Michigan State University


#1-13 Promising Career and Workforce Development Practices in Middle and High School Settings
Sylvia Nassar and Perihan Akcan-Aydın, North Carolina State University; Abigail Holland Conley, Virginia Commonwealth University


#1-14 Building Comprehensive Higher Education Career Development Programs for Military Affiliated Students
Sarah Terry, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Military and Veterans Resource Center


#2-1 The Next Reality: When Virtual Reality Meets Career Services
Justin Thompson, Columbia Colleege


#2-2 Work Wellness: The Basics, A Welfare-to-Work Success Story
Heidi Britt, Wellness WORKs, Stanislaus State; Carolyn Martin, California State University, Stanislaus


#2-3 The Warm Hand Off: What You Need to Know about the Military's Transition Readiness Seminar
Ranza Thurman and Mike Laird, Marine and Family Programs, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC


#2-4 Boost Your Practice: Scalable, Story-based System Maximizes Technology and Human Touchpoints
Mark Franklin, CareerCycles & One Life Tools


#2-5 The Effectiveness of a Strength-centered Career Counseling Module in Career Calling of Adult Workers in Taiwan
Yu-Chen Wang, National Taipei University of Education; Chi-Lin Wu, National Taiwan Normal University


#2-6 Using Social Cognitive Career Theory to Increase Persistence in STEM for Underrepresented Students
Nikki Falk, Patrick J. Rottinghaus, and Brooke Gilland, University of Missouri - Columbia


#2-7 An Integrative Model of Work-related Motivation as a Tool for Fostering Success and Well-being at Work
Domingo Valero, University of Bern


#2-8 VIPSY: Dynamic Card Game for Career Exploration
Alison Devlin, Lynn Chang and Veronica Heiskell, Vick Center, UT Austin


#2-9 An Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Technique to Promote a Meaningful Workplace
Sylvia Head, California State University, East Bay


#2-10 Integrated Model of Career Services at International Universities: Maximizing Resources at Start-ups
Tracy Lara Hilton, Kent State University; Didem Kepir Savoly, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey; Kevin Glavin, University of Colorado, Boulder


#2-11 Fostering a Relationship between Career and Academic Advising by Utilizing GCDF Training
Sam Prestwich, Brigham Young University


#2-12 The US Dept. of State Job Search/Transition Program: Opportunities for Career and Life Transition Counselors/Coaches
Catherine McCormick, US Dept. of State Foreign Service Institute


#2-13 Career Mentoring for Under-resourced First Generation College Students: Success through Technology and Networking
Brian Socall and Tony Calero, Chicago Scholars


#2-14 Career Decision-Making System (CDM): Experience of 14 Million Users
Jenn Long, Amanda White and Rich Feller, Colorado State University



#3-1 Developing Postsecondary and Labor Market Case Studies
Cynthia Miller, Texas Tech University


#3-2 Assisting Cancer Survivors Transitioning to Meaningful Work
Ana Berrios-Allison, The Ohio State University; Felisha Lyons and Bonnie Trail, James Care for Life Support Services


#3-3 Job Ready is REALLY Life Ready: Best Practices for Re-Entry Services
Alisa Smedley, WorkSource Montgomery; Shawn Huntley, Workforce Solutions Group


#3-4 Incorporating Theory and Creativity in Career Counseling Supervision
V. Casey Dozier and Amanda C. Sargent, Florida State University


#3-5 Career-Life Well-being: RAISE-up Model vs. Dream Work Model
Hsiu-Lan Tien, National Taiwan Normal University


#3-6 I Incorporated, Career Planning and Personal Entrepreneurship:  Career Acceleration Planning that Truly Empowers Individuals
Mike Callahan, The University of Michigan - Dearborn


#3-7 Career Services in the Classroom: A Model for Designing and Teaching a Career Development Course
Nick Haynes and; Amy Ames, Baylor University


#3-8 What's the Plan? Creating a Four Year Road Map to Meaningful Career Development
Holly Klenk, Kent State University


#3-9 Using an Interactive Career Counseling Tool to Engage Clients
Jennifer Greene, Psychological Assessment Resources


#3-10 Conexiones: Innovative Collaborations to Reach Underrepresented Populations
Jessamyn Perlus and Julia Panke Makela, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Rebecca Diaz, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


#3-11 Building Confidence: Creative Career Programming for First Generation/Low Income Students at Elite Universities
Alicia Schiller, Columbia University


#3-12 Increasing the Skills of Hawai`i Residents: A Collaborative Program between an Urban Community College and the University
Gemma Williams, Kapiolani Community College


#3-13 Social Cognitive Career Theory as a Foundation for Career and College Exploration
Megan Little, University of Arkansas


#3-14 Preparing School Counselors to LINK College and CAREER Readiness
Patrick Akos, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



#4-1 Finding Your First Job in America: Counseling New Immigrants and Refugees
Shadin Atiyeh and Sanaa Al Salman, Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County


#4-2 Exploring the Gender Gap in STEM: The Impact of Women's Ratings of Mathematical and Scientific Self-Concept on Aspirations
Melissa Messer, Psychological Assessment Resources


#4-3 Career Behaviors and Adaptabilities in Job Groups
Courtney Gasser and Troy Donovan Richardson, University of Baltimore


#4-4 Digging Deep:  Using Imagery, NLP and Hypnosis Principles to Co-Discover and Co-Create Career Pathways with Clients/Students
Anna Bush, Jamestown Community College (Positive Moves Consulting)


#4-5 Using Cognitive Information Processing Theory for Treating Survivors of Domestic Violence
Shae McCain and Julia Kronholz, Florida State University


#4-6 Examining the Influence of Holland's Theory as Applied to Diverse Populations
Amanda Sargent and Emily Kennelly, Florida State University


#4-7 Career Exploration through Academic Partnership
Elaine Blair, Timothy McMahon and Marcia Buell, Northeastern Illinois University


#4-8 The Relationship between RIASEC Personality Types and Negative Thinking: Implications for Career Counseling
Jennifer Greene, Psychological Assessment Resources


#4-9 Infusing Career Development into the First Year College Experience
Carol Gleichsner, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania


#4-10 Bridging the Gap: Cross Divisional Collaboration
Jen Kaczkowski, Loyola University Maryland


#4-11 Working Smart: Team Based Approaches to Serving Colleges within the Larger University
Tess Nyka and Hilarie Longnecker, DePaul University


#4-12 Creativity, Resiliency and the Courage to Fail: Proven Strategies for Student Success in Career Development
Rhonda Schaller, Pratt Institute


#4-13 Assessing Career Decision-Making Status: The CASVE Cycle Questionnaire
Brianna Werner and Emily Bullock-Yowell, The University of Southern Mississippi


#4-14 "My Mom Said So": Cultural Differences in Children and Adolescents' Understanding of Career Development
Yerang Lee, Vivian Lee and Kimberly A. S. Howard, Boston University



#5-1 Creating Career Pictorials and Using Brainstorming to Identify Best Fit Jobs/Careers
Deeta Lonergan, Career Transitions


#5-2 More Than Ready:  A Proven Model Program for Preparing Job Seekers at Any Age or Career Stage
Jan McCormick, JobLingo; Pauline Linham Parks, Arkansas Northeastern College; Marcus Williams, Northwest Arkansas Community College


#5-3 L.E.G.A.C.Y.: An Appreciative Life Review Model
Nicole Hansen, True North Career Coaching & Consulting


#5-4 Career Counseling Strategies for the Creative Life
Rhonda Schaller, Pratt Institute


#5-5 Making Age an Asset: An Empowerment Training Model for Mature Women Jobseekers
Lindsy Carpenter, YWCA San Francisco & Marin


#5-6 Perceptions of Career Counseling Faculty on the Future of the Profession and its Role in Counseling Departments
Heather Zeng, Capella University; Byron Waller, Governor's State University; Carol Vecchio, Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal


#5-7 Is Well-being Fostered by a Meaningful Work Environment and a Supportive Workplace Culture?
Hedva Braunstein-Bercovitz, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo


#5-8 Developing a Liaison Model: Partnering with Faculty to Enhance College Student Career Development
Amy Ames and Nick Haynes, Baylor University


#5-9 Career Counseling FUN: Let's Throw a Party
Rita Freeborough and Anna Bush, SUNY Jamestown Community College


#5-10 Assessing Learning through Career Counseling
Chandra Johnson and Kim Reitter, Saint Louis University


#5-11 Re-Framing the Pre-Med Break Up: Helping Discouraged Students Identify Meaningful Careers That Don't Require an M.D.
Colleen Monks, Lake Forest College


#5-12 Career and Leadership Education: Common Ground for Meaningful Collaboration
Gail Rooney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Imants Jaunarajs, Ohio University


#5-13 Does Career Focus have Meaning for the Academic Success and Well-Being of Latino Students?
Amie Vedral, Elena Polenova, and Marco Ponzo, Stony Brook University


#5-14 Webinars: How to Use Webinars in Your Practice to Generate Clients and Income
Dawna Reeves, Reeves Career Services Consultant



#6-1 Assessing Your Clients' Work Values: A New Way to Hone in on Occupational Matches
Jennifer Greene, Psychological Assessment Resources


#6-2 Retaining Students Who Choose the Wrong Major
Catherine Rains, CPP, Inc.


#6-3 Career Support Group:  A Postmodern Counseling Intervention Designed for Members of the Ex-Offender Population
Brian Calhoun, Mark Scholl and Heidi Robinson, Wake Forest University


#6-4 Vision Boards: A Holistic and Dynamic Method of Self Assessment and Discovery of Dreams and Goals
Ju Hong, Mount Holyoke College


#6-5 Rehabilitation Counseling Student's Training in Supporting the Careers of Individuals with Disabilities
Na Mi Bang and Victoria Maneev, University of Iowa; Malik Henfield, University of San Francisco


#6-6 Education Plus Business = Student Success!!
Angela Bourassa, Manchester Central High School


#6-7 Job Search Support Groups: Sharing Findings and Implementing Effective Strategies
Amy Mazur, Institute for Career Transitions


#6-8 Meaningful Connectivity: Soft Selling the Hard Skills of Networking to College Students
Ethan Fesperman and Dorrie Presson, Vanderbilt University


#6-9 Career Conversations: Connecting Students to Consulting Industry Alumni for AIR (advice, information, referrals)
Grace Janoski, Vanderbilt University


#6-10 "What am I doing with my life?" Using a CIP Manualized Approach for College Career Counseling Groups
Erica Mathis, Brianna Werner, Emily Bullock-Yowell, and Melanie Leuty, The University of Southern Mississippi


#6-11 Pilot Career Planning Class Taught with First Year Freshmen Seminar to Foster Community
Britta Roan, University of Michigan Dearborn


#6-12 Engaging Students Online with Career Interest Cluster Website Content
Barbara Thomson, Rutgers University, New Brunswick


#6-13 Marketing and Advocacy for Career Education in K-12
Stephanie Freeman and Amye Chambers, Fort Smith Public Schools


#6-14 Committee on Diversity Initiatives and Cultural Inclusion
Yamonte Cooper, El Camino College, Grace Williamson, Princeton University, Melissa Fickling, The University of Memphis, Vic Massaglia, University of Minnesota, Michelle Merrett, U.S. Courts/U.S. Probation Office