Online Teaching of Career Development Facilitator Training

Online Teaching of Career Development Facilitator Training
PLEASE NOTE: In order to utilize the NCDA Facilitating Career Development Curriculum, Instructors must successfully complete the 1-day eLearning Instructor Workshop OR complete the fully integrated Facilitating Career Development Instructor Workshop.

Demonstration of Online Teaching Competency:
For instructors who were not able to complete the 1-day eLearning Instructor Workshop, a demonstration of Online Teaching Competency is now available. This option is available to any NCDA Instructor who completed the traditional Instructor Training Program that did not include the eLearning component.


This demonstration includes:

a. Develop an outline delivering the Facilitating Career Development course in a blended format (course must include 24 hours of face to face contact.)

b. Complete a lesson plan for the delivery of one chapter in the curriculum to include any face to face component and these e-learning assignments:  journal, forum, and elearning assignment for a particular audience.

c. Conduct a SKYPE (or other synchronous, two-way video platform) lesson (1 hour) based on one chapter.


Cost: The cost of the Demonstration of Online Teaching Competency is $350.

The following Master Trainers are available to assist with the demonstration process. Please contact an instructor below for additional information including registration information.

Sharon Givens

Constance Pritchard

Rob Seemann

Marie Smith

Ellen Weaver Paquette

Windie Wilson


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