The New Career Developments Magazine Arrives This Month!

By Melanie Reinersman

NCDA members will receive a very special gift this month in their mailboxes: a brand new Career Developments Magazine! Published by NCDA, the magazine is replacing the former quarterly newsletter with a sleek, professional, high-quality publication. Under the direction of the NCDA Board, a production team was assembled in 2007 to create a publication that would compliment the already excellent materials distributed by NCDA such as the Career Development Quarterly and the web magazine, Career Convergence. The team was charged with generating a themed magazine offering articles that balanced a broad vision with practical applications. The first issue is being mailed to members in early December, with future issues planned for March, June and September of each year.

In addition to offering a main article focused on a theme, each issue will include a feature article on a prominent NCDA event, specific content for five departments, and four regular columns. The theme of the first issue is "Inspiring Careers, Empowering Lives" with the focus article written by NCDA member Edward Colozzi. It also features the upcoming NCDA election, allowing readers to review detailed responses to questions posed to the candidates. Michael Hall heads up and writes the first article for the Professional Counselor's Department. The School Counselor's Department is under Carol Dahir, who also writes the first article for that department. Julia Porter, head of the Graduate Student's department, solicited Mary Ann Hollingsworth to contribute an article. Jane Goodman writes about the CDQ, Bob Thelen contributed an article about the CDF and there's so much more! Associate Editor Elda Schwartz works with me, the Editor, to produce this quarterly publication.

The new Career Developments Magazine is just one of the many benefits of membership in NCDA. Comments and contributions can be directed toward the Editor at cdeditor@ncda.org. Advertising opportunities for future issues are available by clicking on Advertise on the Contact NCDA page of the NCDA website.

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