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Group Career Counseling: Practices and Principles, 2nd Edition

Author/Editor: K. Richard Pyle and Seth C.W. Hayden

Year: 2015

Authors: K. Richard Pyle and Seth C.W. Hayden

This monograph provides a comprehensive resource on Group Career Counseling (GCC). It is appropriate for use by counselors, career professionals and facilitators, and in some cases para-professionals. This second edition provides a fuller review of the literature and of the relationship of GCC to counseling and career development theories.

The monograph contains six chapters with each chapter designed to answer an important question. Those questions are:

  1. What is GCC and why use it?
  2. What are the precepts and unique characteristics of GCC?
  3. What is an example of a GCC program?
  4. Where can GCC be used and how can it be effectively implemented?
  5. How does GCC relate to other career development groups?
  6. How does GCC relate to theories of counseling and career development?

The presentation of the authors’ GCC model, (which includes 19 discrete group activities and a sample leader script for three group sessions) was noted in the Foreword by Dr. Robert Reardon as the “most outstanding feature... Pyle and Hayden dispel some of the mystery that can surround group counseling, and they provide activities that will stimulate members toward new insights about themselves and their options.”

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