Constance J. Pritchard

Credentials: CSCDA, CCSP, CMCS, NCDA Master Trainer, NCDA Fellow, NCDA Credentialing Commision




ph: (609) 231-8059

Dr. Pritchard began her career in the K-12 sector and has continued consulting and training within that area. Dr. Pritchard was the lead designer of the initial SCDA training and online courses and continued as a part of the design team through 2019. Dr. Pritchard has worked with CTE staff, school career advisors, and school counselors in South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Oregon, Ohio, North Carolina, and other states in consulting and training. She has piloted the SCDA training to K-12 staff in several states. Dr. Pritchard has delivered career training internationally (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Peru, Micro Asia, China, Russia, Uganda, Israel, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Japan) and nearly every state in the US. Her work internationally has included education, workforce, and business sectors. Dr. Pritchard has held many leadership positions in the career profession: Chair of NCDA's Master Trainer Workshop Committee, NCDA's Credentialing Commission, SCDA and CSCDA Design Teams, and the Commission's International Taskforce.  Recently, she authored the chapter on career assessment in business for the 7th edition of NCDA's Guide to Career Assessment. Dr. Pritchard's NCDA Facilitating Career Development training is focused on each learner and the learner's needs. Her online course includes extra resources for every topic and additional topics for learner use. The site contains 100s of additional resources, and all are available for a client's use, both during and after completing the course. Individuals set their own timeline for completion thus providing flexibility for each learner.

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