Chair: Kelly Pierce, CCSP

Term: October 1, 2023 - September 30, 2026

Kelly Pierce, Career Development and Career Advisor Supervisor, North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education

Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of North Dakota

Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling from Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD

Kelly Pierce has worked as a career development counselor for several years before joining the staff at the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education (NDCTE) in 2009. She was hired to develop a training program for career advisors (FCDs). To accomplish this, she completed FCD training and instructor training, and currently holds a GCDF, CCSP and instructor status. She has been using the NCDA FCD curriculum since 2010, to prepare people to work as career advisors across the state. In 2011, career development supervisor was added to her role with NDCTE. In this additional role, she began to work more closely with school counselors to focus on the career development aspect of their programming services. Most recently, she completed the NDCA Master Trainer workshop and joined the Teaching and Education Council for NCDA.


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