The Career Development Quarterly Call for Proposals for a Special Issue

Proposal due November 15, 2020

The Career Development Quarterly (CDQ) is seeking manuscripts for a special issue addressing immediate and long-time impact of COVID-19 pandemic on career development and career intervention. In this special issue, we aim at scholarly inquiry of the direct and indirect impact of the pandemic to individuals’ work and life and intersectional of poverty, inequity of resources, disparity of health, demographic factors, and other pertaining factors. The special issue will focus on the theory, research, practice, advocacy, and/or program development for career development intervention in post-pandemic era. We are inviting both conceptual and empirical manuscripts that address one or more aspects of the aims of this special issue.

We are looking for a wide range of representation of manuscripts and will evaluate proposals on their relevance to the aim of this special issue, as well as potential contribution to the theory and for practice. Full manuscripts will undergo a peer review process; therefore, please note that there is no guarantee of eventual acceptance of any submitted manuscript. All manuscripts must conform to the author guidelines for the Career Development Quarterly (see http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/cdevq).

Topics can include, but are not limited to:

The proposal needs to include:

Tentative timeline:

If you have any questions about this special issue please contact Dr. Debra Osborn at dosborn@fsu.edu  or Dr. Seth Hayden at haydensc@wfu.edu .



Debra Osborn
Florida State University


Seth Hayden
Wake Forest University


Mei Tang (Managing Editor)
University of Cincinnati


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