NCDA's COVID-19 Response

Our main message: Flatten the curve & practice social distancing

Dear colleagues:

With you, we have been watching the coronavirus situation unfold with growing concern. Our fields support those that are most vulnerable in unprecedented times. People from all walks of life will be looking to helping professionals for support, reassurance and guidance.

We are here to help you help those people.

As a first step, we are answering the call from the Federal government, particularly Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization to inform each other & to help you inform everyone to flatten the curve & practice social distancing.

This is our main messaging to you, as it is vital for the health of our clients, communities & countries.

In addition:

For now, right now, please do your part to flatten the curve and practice social distancing.

Reach out to us anytime. We are monitoring direct messaging inboxes, email and phone, as usual, and are here for you.

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