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Nursing Job Opportunities Continue to be Very Favorable

Registered Nurses are projected to have over 200,000 annual job openings nationwide for the next eight years due to increases in patient aging, preventative care and chronic conditions. Ways to enter the field include bachelors, associates and diploma completions. Median wages are $70,000/year. A related faster growing field is nurse practitioners, while a smaller number of nurses work as licensed practical nurses. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Career Outlook, March 2020).

New Trends for a New Decade

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) is pleased to announce its seventh annual Top 10 Workplace Trends list. Based on member surveys, these are the issues that will have the most impact on the workplace in 2020. The entries in SIOP’s Top 10 list are broad, complex issues posing difficult challenges to the business world and modern society. ["Top Workplace Trends, February 13, 2020]

Police Sergeant Career Path Begins on Patrol

Opportunities for entry-level Patrol Officers abound, especially after completing required training each year. To continue in the field, officers should enjoy engaging with people on a daily basis. Communicating effectively is a critical skill. ["Interview with a Police Sergeant" Career Outlook, January 2020].


Because of highly automated processes using sophisticated machines, over 40% of manufacturing workers now have a college degree, about double the percentage 25 years ago. ["You Probably Need a College Degree to Get a Factory Job Now" December 10, 2019]

Census Recruitment Nationwide

A campaign to recruit workers for the 2020 census covers the entire nation. Bilingual workers are especially needed, and veterans may be given preference. While census worker positions are temporary, permanent jobs with the Census Bureau may be available. ["Census Bureau Holding Job Events All Over the Country", Census.gov, October 22, 2019]

Electric and Autonomous Vehicles are Leaving Workers Behind

A shift in lifestyles is causing changes in the types of transportation needed, which means some workers are no longer needed. ["Two Women Joined GM More Than a Decade Ago. Their Futures Couldn’t Be More Different" Bloomberg Business Week, October 18, 2019]

Strategies for Moving into CEO Jobs

Most people believe an MBA from a elite school will quickly lead to CEO position. Research shows that lateral, unconventional, and even risky career moves may be the fastest path. ["The Fastest Path to a CEO Job" Harvard Business Review October 2, 2019]

Liberal Arts Graduates Progress Into Different Job Fields

While a third of liberal arts graduates start off in sales, office and administration, and education occupations, by the third job many have moved over to marketing and management. Their earning potential increases over time. ("What's A Liberal Arts Degree Worth", Wall Street Journal, May 10, 2019)

Cybersecurity Hot Job Field

Over 300,000 open positions in cybersecurity currently but limited number of college programs. Computer science degree not necessary but should have strong computer and video game interests and abilities. ("Cybersecurity Jobs Abound, No Experience Necessary" Wall Street Journal May 11, 2019)

Industry 4.0 will include Growth and Speed Bumps

By 2030, the labor market could include 8-9% new occupations. The new growth is expected to offset the loss of jobs due to automation. Workplace transformations will be required as people need to enter new occupations. Preparation is the key to cooperation between workers and technology. ("Industry 4.0 Could Create Millions of New Jobs", Futurithmic, Feb 2019)