Know Your Elected Officials

Almost every citizen of the United States has two Senators and one House Representative (sorry territories and D.C., you have just one delegate). To be an effective advocate, there are a few things you should know about your elected officials:

Who are they?
Look up your Federal legislators: Go to and/or

Look up State legislators: Go to your state legislative website.

What are their politics, background and interests?
Try or for a more comprehensive background.

What are their policy interests? Go to to look up bills they’ve introduced.

What are their connections to career counseling issues? Review their biographical information to see what schools they’ve gone to or the careers they’ve had.


This background information will help you craft messages that resonate with your legislators (discussed further in the “Tell Your Story” section. For example, members interested in business issues will respond to arguments about the economic benefits of career counseling. Legislators interested in technology issues will want to know more about the work being done to bring career counseling in to the 21st Century.

Resources for Legislators