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E-BOOK Career Development Theory and Its Application

Career Knowledge Series

Year: 2015

This topic covers career development theories, models, and techniques and how to apply them to the populations you may serve. Specifically, you will understand the steps in the career development process and why career choice and development theory is important as well as its limitations. Additionally, the unit presents the assumptions that underlie four different types of theories: trait-and-factor, learning, developmental, and transition as well as the theorists who represent them. Finally, it covers how to apply the theories to client cases.


This is one part of a multi-book series which includes 8 titles focused on key career development competencies. Each book is between 30 and 80 pages and can be purchased independently or as a set. Continue shopping to view each one in the series or click here to purchase the whole set.


Read more about the "Career Knowledge Series" in NCDA's web magazine, Career Convergence.


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