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Understanding the Role of Unconscious Conflict in Career Counseling

By Lynn Friedman

Career counseling is effective for most clients. However, some unconsciously undermine the process. Why do these clients engage in self-sabotage? How can they be understood and helped? The author presents a model for psychoanalytically-informed career assessment and describes how this approach can lead to useful recommendations for career assistance.

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Improving Students’ Employable Skills through Effective Communication

By Sandy Hocker

Job seekers have become vulnerable to the negative effects of unpolished communication skills brought on by increased use of social media. Employers are seeking candidates who can work effectively while maintaining professional non-verbal and verbal communication skills. To make students more employable in today’s labor market it is important for career counselors to recognize the positive effects of helping students develop effective communication techniques.

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Study Abroad: Guiding Students to Demonstrate Skills To Employers

By Sheri Young and Donna Remington

Career advisors need practical tools to help students demonstrate global and career skills gained through study abroad. Through collaboration with the Study Abroad office, career advisors can achieve these goals with a student population that may not connect study abroad with career skills.

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Regional Workforce Development Success by Using a Sector-Based Workforce Intermediary Model

By Pauline O. Vernon

Sector partnerships are well-proven in providing positive regional workforce impact and are even identified in the Department of Labor’s new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act as an area to be promoted. Non-profits can play a major role in these partnerships, whether acting as a workforce intermediary or by providing specialized support services.

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The Role of Metrics in Executive Coaching: My Observations

By Sunitha Narayanan

As a coach, how can you quantify for the individual or organization what is a very qualitative process? Showing ROI is difficult, at least in the first interview where the decision is being made to hire you as a coach.

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The Loyalty Effect

By Bryan Lubic

The Loyalty Effect is a management strategy that focuses on finding and keeping the right people--customers, shareholders, and employees--in order to create business results. This article explains why this approach is critical to career development professionals and for career management, and shows how to incorporate this approach to support career and employee success.

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Public Libraries Providing Essential Support Services for Job Seekers

By Meagan Kittrick

Public libraries are community hubs, providing essential job seeking support services and resources. This article provides information on common career development resources at public libraries that may be available to you and your clients, as well as highlights how one library, Cuyahoga County Public Library, is leading this process.

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Counselor Educators & Researchers


Collaboration is Key to Successful Career Development

By Kim Hebel

Career guidance is a field that is both broad and deep. Collaboration, therefore, is key to making sure all students and clients are career savvy. All helping professionals have a role to play in providing career guidance. This article explores the role of Career Development Facilitators in collaboration efforts.

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Clinical Supervision of Career Development Practitioners: Practical Strategies

Book Review by Emily Kennelly

Clinical Supervision of Career Development Practitioners: Practical Strategies will enrich your understanding, awareness, and competencies related to the direct supervision of career practitioners. This book review provides a comprehensive summary of the monograph and highlights specific resources relevant to professionals at various levels.Complete Article >
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Easy Promotion for Career Development Professionals – Celebrate National Career Development Month

By Lakeisha Mathews

An easy way to promote your organization or services is to celebrate National Career Development Month (NCD Month). Its a chance to inform our constituents and the community about the value of career development.

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Using Word Clouds to Project Your Career Image


In today’s society, creating an image in online social networking accounts is important when job searching. One technique to try when creating an image: ask 10 people what top three words come to mind when they review your LinkedIn  account. Enter all 30 words into a word cloud program, such as Wordle.net.  Once you have entered all 30 words, those that were repeated the most frequently appear the largest in the image. Now your image can be added to your profile. This will give you a visual representation of how you are portrayed on your LinkedIn account.


Tip Provided by Dr. Lynne Orr, orrl@wpunj.edu

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