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Understanding the Role of Transference in Career Counseling

By Lynn Friedman

When clients project early experiences with their parents onto their counselors, this is called “transference.” Though career counselors often receive positive transferences, the opposite can sometimes occur, thwarting our best efforts to help clients progress. This article will cover how transferences can be understood, addressed and overcome.

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Making the Most of Community Partnerships

By Tom Frazier, Nicole Meyer and Maggie McCormick

In the October 2014 Career Convergence, Guy Alba wrote about "Career Counselors as Partnership Facilitators". A school in Bloomington, IL, is one example of a success story. By developing business partnerships in their community, the Bloomington Area Career Center significantly enhances their students’ learning experiences, efficiently manages and maximizes resources, and contributes to the community.

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Assisting College Students with Career Planning After Denial of Admission to Their Pre-Professional Programs

By Meghan Huyghe Veltri

Competitive and selective admission for pre-professional programs is forcing growing numbers of students to re-evaluate their career plans. This article will examine the grieving process that can occur during such career transitions and how advisors can assist students in their new professional journeys.

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Managing Your Reputation

By Jessica Merritt

Do you know what your online reputation says about you? If you don't, it's time to find out. ReputationManagement.com's guides are free and designed to assist people in managing their online reputation. Career services professionals are encouraged to quote these resources, link to them, and pass the guides along to other professionals who can benefit from them.

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Independent Practice


The Business of Private Practice: A Sampling of Who Is Doing What

Nancy J. Miller

The purpose of this article is to share a sampling of what career professionals are doing in private practice. Gathered from Career Convergence web magazine articles and an anonymous online survey of seventeen career professionals, most of the practitioners work in the United States and are associated with NCDA.

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Corporate Careers: How Employees Get Stuck…and How to Help Them

By Mimi Brent

Why do employees in large organizations get stuck in their careers? Offering innovative career resources in the workplace encourages ongoing career exploration and increases employee engagement.

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Strategies for Helping the Hard To Employ

By Larry Robbin

This article focuses on strategies to increase employment motivation among people that are resistant to going to work. These individuals are the hard-to-employ. The article includes practical ideas that will increase their employment motivation.

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Counselor Educators & Researchers


Career Collage

By Aaron H. Oberman

The career collage is an engaging activity to introduce students to the importance of career counseling by helping them to reflect on their own career development. This activity involves students creating and sharing a one slide collage that shows the career path they took to pursuing a counseling degree.

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Special Columns


Three Ways To Be A Valuable Career Counselor Today

By Val Matta

What are the keys to success in our field today? Read one perspective highlighting three tech-related strategies that career counselors need to adopt in order to stay current and competitive.

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State Divisions Receive Recognition and Support from NCDA

By Alicia Cheek and Ron Cathey

Every year, NCDA recognizes state divisions for their exemplary activities as career development associations. At the 2015 NCDA Global Career Development Conference, two states will receive the award: Colorado and Missouri. All state divisions can receive support from NCDA to achieve state needs and goals.

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Provided by the NCDA Technology Committee, these technical tips are short lessons on some of the newest technology tools, trends, and apps, and how they can be used by career practitioners in a variety of contexts. Read newest tip here each month or View More now.

Sending Large Files for Free

Career development practitioners occasionally want to send large files via email, such as sharing conference presentation handouts with participants, editing documents with colleagues, and job search instructions to students.   Most email programs limit the size of the file that can be attached. Instead of emailing a large file, you can zip it (i.e., compress it) with a free program such as Zip Central. The person receiving a zip file needs to download Zip Central of a similar application to "unzip" and access the contents.

There are also free web-based tools, including File Dropper and Transfer Big Files . Register for an account and then upload your large files. Your recipients can download the files to their computers using the link provided.


Tip Provided by Dr. Janet Wall, careerfacilitator@janetwall.net

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